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Terradeck XL

For Quick Installation & Efficient Storage

Extra Long Apitong Floors are the perfect choice for platform trailer OEMs. All Terradeck XL floors are manufactured to an exact length to fit OEM specifications, enabling trailer manufacturers to install the board in less time while needing less space to store them. The end is result product that cuts the installation process by up to 60%.

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All Terradeck XL floors are manufactured using a specially made finger-joint machine and industry leading phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) adhesive, enabling manufacturers to buy in a fixed-length configuration up to 44' length (or 13,411mm) long while maintaining the superior structural strength of solid Apitong.

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100% Apitong (dipterocarpus spp.)


Shiplap / T&G / Omega


3/4” to 1-3/8” (or 18mm to 35mm)


4” to 8” (or 110mm to 200mm)


up to 44' (or 13,411mm)


12% to 14%


46 lbs./ft3 (or 750kg/m3)

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