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Terradeck LTF

The world's first 100% Apitong LTF

Taking further the combination the durability of Apitong wood and the adhesive strength of PRF. Terradeck LTF offers 100% Apitong laminated floors for your dry freight van trailers. The natural oleoresin in Apitong offers all-weather resistance against cracks and decay while offering better strength-to-weight ratio over oak, maple and birch.

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As with Terradeck XL, Terradeck LTF are manufactured using a specially made finger-joint machine and industry leading phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) adhesive, enabling manufacturers to get extra wide boards up to 1' (305mm) and in a fixed-length configuration up to 44' length (or 13,411mm) long while maintaining the superior strength and durability of solid Apitong.

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100% Apitong (dipeterocarpus spp.)


Shiplap / T&G / Omega


3/4” to 1-3/8” (or 18mm to 35mm)


4” to 12” (or 110mm to 305mm)


up to 44' (or 13,411mm)


12% to 14%


46 lbs./ft3 (or 725kg/m3)

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