Our Apitong

100% Apitong,
100% Terradeck

Why Apitong Wood

We believe to make a quality product, we need to start with a quality material. History has proven that Apitong is the best high-volume hard wood in Southeast Asia. It is sought after by trailer makers around the world because it has all the desirable attributes required to make a high quality, dependable trailer floor: it is stronger, more durable and more sustainable

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Is Apitong Stronger?

History has proven that Apitong is the most widely accepted material for trailer floors in the world due to its strength. When compared to American Oak, Apitong has 20% higher modulus elasticity (15.81 GPa vs 12.15 GPa) and 25% higher crushing strength (61.4 MPa vs 50.8 MPa) while maintaining the same average density (approx. 47 lbs/ft3). This is one reason why trailer manufacturers from North America, Europe and Japan have used Apitong floors since the 1960s.

What makes Apitong More Durable?

Apitong is a rare species of wood that has oleoresin. This enables each board to self-heal against cracks and damage and makes the floors naturally resistant to weathering effects and deterioration due to temperature fluctuations, heat exposure from the sun, and moisture penetration from the rain, all of which continuously challenge trailers and fleet operators. Study have shown that untreated Apitong floors are stronger than Oak laminated floors treated with paraffin wax.

Comparison Table

Avg Density @MC12% 46 lbs/ft3
47 lbs/ft3
44 lbs/ft3
Modulus of Rupture 115.2 MPa 102.3 MPa 109.0 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity 15.81 GPa 12.15 GPa 12.62 GPa
Crushing Strength 61.4 MPa 50.8 MPa 54.0 MPa
Shringkage Radial 5.5%,

Tangential 10.8%,

Volumetric 16.3%
Radial 5.6%,

Tangential 10.5%,

Volumetric 16.3%
Radial 4.7%,

Tangential 9.9%,

Volumetric 14.7%

Verified Sustainibility

Apitong is a verified sustainable resource. Grown in the tropical rainforest region of South East Asia, Apitong trees grow at the rate of 30-40” per year, reaching height of up to 200'. This means they are twice as high and grow twice as fast as the North American Oak. We source our Apitong from Sumatran and Borneo region of Indonesia where hardwoods are abundant and sustainable logging practices are the norm.

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We use 100% traceable wood to ensure the continuity of supply and sustainability of ecosystem as a whole, creating a better future for every stakeholders involved. We implement INDO-TLAS (Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System) which complies with timber legislation such as US Lacey Act and EU Timber Regulation.